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On-premise versus the cloud. What’s best?




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Deciding whether to keep your server in-house or outsource to the cloud is a big business decision. To help make your choice easier, we’ve shortlisted the things you need to know about each option.

Cloud-based software is hosted on your vendor’s servers and accessed through a web browser. On-premise software is installed locally, on your own computers and servers.1

So what does that all mean for small businesses? We’ve highlighted the pros and cons of cloud versus on-premises solutions.

Every cloud has a silver lining


  • No capital expenses
  • Data can be virtually updated and backed up, and maintenance performed regularly, minimizing risk of loss—provided that these services are included in your contract
  • Pay only for the options you need
  • Add storage as needed
  • Great for businesses that are growing


  • Internet speed and connection dictates user experience and access to data
  • Potential exposure of your data and services to third parties—be sure to review your contract carefully
  • The cost could outweigh the benefits for some companies

Stay on top of things on-premise


  • Physical control over server hardware
  • Critical data is stored on-site with no third-party access
  • Not reliant on Internet access
  • More cost-effective for companies used to capital expenditures


  • You’ll need dedicated IT support
  • Requires hardware, infrastructure and capital
  • No uptime guarantees—you remain accountable for service updates
  • Some solutions are more prone to data loss in an emergency

Sometimes, it’s better to be in the clouds

Not all pros and cons are considered equal, and what’s important to your business may differ from your competitors. Yet, while on-premise has some upsides, the cloud offers significant overall advantages for most businesses. Once you find a provider that understands your needs and offers reliable security at an affordable rate, it’s easy to take advantage of a cloud-based solution.

If you need to operate your business securely and efficiently, trust Managed Wi-Fi and Hosted PBX for business. Both are affordable cloud-based services, so they keep operations running smoothly and reduce the risk of hiccups along the way.

Find out more at cogeco.ca/business.


1 https://www.softwareadvice.com/resources/cloud-erp-vs-on-premise/

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