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Attract better employees with a strong employer brand on social media




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The old adage is true—good help is hard to find.

Searching for talented employees is often a time-consuming and difficult process for small business owners looking for support in making their business successful.

To find your next employee of the month, and entice them to join your team, you need to stand out as an employer of choice on social media. Do this by creating an employer brand (your business’s reputation as a place to work) that is attractive to job seekers.

Since employer branding is all about presenting your company as a desirable place to work,1 let’s think about how to put your business’s best foot forward.

Job seekers are customers too

When customers interact with your business (visiting your website, scrolling through your social media accounts, chatting with employees in-store, etc.), they want to feel as though they’re getting to know real people. The same is true for job seekers. Today, the expectation is that employers express their business’s personality online and make an effort to win-over top talent.

Show off your personality in the same way you’d talk to customers over social media:

  • Share photos and videos—give them a glimpse into a day in the life of your business. For instance, if you’re a pet food store, show photos of your canine customers browsing for treats.
  • Showcase your culture—people want to know that they’ll fit in.2
    If you’re a barber shop, post a video of your staff chatting with customers as they enjoy the comradery that comes with their haircut.
  • Respond to comments—demonstrate that you’re engaged and open to feedback.
    When a customer posts a rave review about the teeth whitening they received at your dental office, thank them. If you see any negative comments, respond with decorum and do what you can to resolve the issue.

Look beyond LinkedIn

Known for professional networking and job search, LinkedIn is a social media platform that connects businesses and job seekers, but it isn’t the only way to reach potential employees.

Those on the hunt for their next great opportunity are scoping out your business on multiple platforms to get a sense of what you’re all about. They’re checking your Twitter account to see if you share industry news, visiting your Instagram profile to see what the work space looks like, and they’re reading your Facebook comments to see how you handle yourself. Job seekers will acquaint themselves with your employer brand on every social media platform they can think of.

Be a top talent magnet

Don’t forget about the nitty gritty. Remember to tell job seekers what’s in it for them. Include things like:

  • Perks and benefits
    Do you offer free parking? Have a great health and dental plan for employees? Paid personal days? These are the types of things potential employees are excited to hear.
  • Real opinions from real employees
    Job seekers want the inside scoop. Post quotes and testimonials from your current employees to attest to your reputation as a premier employer.2
  • The fun stuff
    Use your social media accounts to show awards won, events held, milestones reached. Top talent want to know that they’re joining a winning team.

Keep these tips in mind when crafting your next post because you’re not just building a brand, you’re honing your reputation as an employer.



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2 Link Humans

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