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How CIOs can use unified solutions to improve productivity




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As the CIO, you’re always on the lookout for new ways to help employees get more done, and no doubt, unified communications are on your radar. You need tools that are reliable, fast, budget-friendly and connected.

If you bundle voice, data, Internet, video and other communication services, you’ll get just that—a unified communications solution delivered together as a single cohesive solution.1 Together, they help teams brainstorm better, share ideas faster, and be more productive.

Here are 5 reasons to implement unified solutions for better business collaboration:

Reason #1: Save on travel time.

Time is a valuable currency these days, and it pays to have employees working rather than sitting in traffic. 50% of employees work at least 2.5 days a week outside the office.2 Unified solutions help them be productive no matter where they work.

Reason #2: Knowledge share.

When you first start your business, sharing ideas and information with your team is usually pretty easy since you’re likely working in a small space where everyone is accessible. But as your business grows, it can become harder to keep in touch with your entire team.

The good news is that unified communications scale with your business. They make things like accessing voicemail messages when you’re away from your desk easy, so you never lose touch with what’s happening back at the office.3

Reason #3: Freedom from traditional equipment.

Unified solutions allow employees to take productivity equipment, like their desk phone and email, with them—not literally, but in their pockets.4 This mobility makes them more productive. In fact, employers who are seen as being pioneers in their use of mobile technology have employees who are 16% more productive.5

Reason #4: Improve customer communications.

You need a quick and easy way to find information and get answers. Real-time communication and collaboration through voice, video, desktop sharing and instant messaging make that possible. It also speeds up issue resolution and drives decision-making. This helps to empower employees to work together to resolve customer queries.6

Reason #5: Guaranteed uptime.

Interruptions don’t have to disrupt your employee’s day. Unified communications can keep productivity going, even if your Internet or phone lines go down.7

Not all unified solutions are created equal.

When you’re shopping for unified communications tools for the business, remember that not all providers offer the same features. Be sure to look for an option that’s easy to use and gives your team the ability to connect remotely 24/7, over a single network.




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