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Make your waiting room sound like your customers’ favourite playlist.




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What does waiting sound like?

Maybe it’s the tick-tock of the wall clock, or silence so stark that you could hear a pin drop. Or maybe, it sounds like customers tapping their toes to music they’re enjoying while they wait.

Creating a waiting room that sounds good to your customers is good for business. 14% of people will spend more when music they appreciate is played.1

Here’s how to create a waiting room that hits all the right notes:

Music makes the heart grow fonder

As opposed to silence, music makes people feel more comfortable, even when faced with longer than expected wait times.2 Think of it as a customer experience influencer. For instance, patients waiting to see a doctor may find that music helps to ease anxiety about their appointment. Or for those waiting a little longer to see their favourite stylist, good tunes can transform the wait into a time to take in the atmosphere of the salon.

Promote good moods

88% of people find that music improves their mood.3 Get the good vibes going with sounds that suit your business. If you’re a spa, go for something mellow. Operating a clothing store? Try pop music or something upbeat. If you’re running a tattoo shop, your customers may appreciate indie or rock tunes. Watch for your customers’ reactions and play with genres until you find what resonates.

Keep them coming back

The right music increases loyalty to a brand or business.4 For a small business owner, this is huge. You work hard to attract customers to your business. Don’t spoil it with a waiting room that’s offbeat.

Feeling a little off-key? We can help your waiting room hit all the right notes with over 40 ad-free channels of Stingray Music.

 Like the sound of that? Visit cogeco.ca/business to learn more.


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