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3 Ways Unified Communications can Boost your Remote Work Productivity.

As the COVID-19 pandemic forces more businesses to work remotely, business owners need to utilize reliable systems that bring their employees together, especially while they’re working apart. Unified communications is one of the best tools for your workers to stay productive wherever they happen to be. 

Since 2005, the number of employees with the capability of working remotely has increased by 115%, largely thanks to unified communications.1 Here are three ways this all-in-one solution can benefit your remote work business:

Benefit #1: Seamless communication across all devices

Unified communications provides real-time access to instant messaging, phone and video communications across multiple devices. As a whole, it allows employees to work seamlessly with colleagues across all integrated apps and devices.2 

Voice and video calling apps are particularly important for business communication and collaboration, as they allow you and your employees to connect face-to-face digitally. Since you can see each other, you won’t miss out on non-verbal cues like facial expressions or body language, easily allowing you to work together without being together.

The bottom line: You can make remote work less stressful and more productive by using unified communications to stay connected to your business and your employees.

Benefit #2: Work at your convenience 

With unified communications you, and your coworkers, will have the flexibility to take care of urgent tasks at home while also maintaining business productivity. You can reply to urgent customer inquiries when you’re walking your dog —unified communications makes that possible. It gives you everything you need to work smarter no matter where, and when, you choose to work. 

The bottom line: Flexibility optimizes everyone’s time and keeps business moving forward.

Benefit #3: Adaptability increases productivity.

Adaptability is at the heart of unified communications. Being able to access a variety of communications tools at any time is what makes it such a valuable part of your toolkit. 

Productivity is no longer tied to one place, or to certain times. For example, in the event of a power outage, you can switch to your mobile device and still have access to the same call and video conferencing tools you would use on your computer.

The bottom line: An adaptable solution means your team will be more productive and better able to produce great work in any situation—which is the first step towards happier customers and bigger profits.³

Start making remote work optimal.

Make Hosted PBX a part of your unified communications toolkit. It’s a fully integrated communications solution that allows you to:

  • Use your office number from your mobile device.
  • Collaborate via video conferencing on mobile or desktop.
  • Access and manage voicemail and faxes from anywhere by email or phone.
  • Meet your evolving communications needs as your business grows.
  • Save money with no upfront costs for hardware.

Want to optimize your remote business? Learn more.



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