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How to keep your mobile team productive




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Employee mobility isn’t just a cool concept. It’s a business strategy—one that can help your employees and your business thrive.

Employee mobility leads to 23% more productivity and 100% more satisfied employees.1

Absence makes the heart grow fonder—and more productive.

Are your employees always on the go—working from coffee shops, logging on from home, or relying on their devices and smartphones when they’re away from their desk? If this sounds like a day in the life of your business, chances are you’re managing a mobile workforce.

And while it may sound counterintuitive at first, employee mobility can actually make for good team building and better business. In fact, it’s been shown to improve engagement and establish a more tightly connected work community.2 For a business owner like you, that’s great news because employees who are more satisfied clearly drive better financial performance for companies.3 Think of it from the perspective of your employees—if they feel good about the work they do and how they do it, they’ll be more motivated to give it their all. This positive attitude is a win-win for employees and the companies they work for.

Working anywhere and everywhere.

Not surprisingly, this flexible work style makes employees happier and they become more efficient and productive during working hours.4 Instead of burning time commuting to and from work, they’re collaborating, sharing ideas and checking off their to-do list. With the ease of mobile devices and cloud-based platforms, collaboration and innovation can take place anywhere, anytime. Remember that seamless cloud access begins with Wi-Fi that’s reliable and secure. It’s critical for remote collaboration that’s safe from cyber threats and doesn’t rack up big data bills from mobile devices that attempt to sync to the server. Find out more about keeping your cloud safe.

Keep their toolbox up to snuff.

If you’ve ever tried fixing a leaky sink with duct tape, or flipping an egg with a pencil, you know that having the right tools is essential to getting the job done. The same goes for arming your mobile workforce with the things they need to be productive.

Obviously, they’ll need a mobile device. But before you shop around for BOGO on smartphones, consider that many employees prefer to use their own device since they’re more familiar with it. In fact, 49% say that using their own device makes them more productive.5 Bonus! But there’s a caveat here: BYOD (bring your own device) comes with its own set of challenges—namely cybersecurity. Here’s how to keep your business safe.

And because some tasks require a bit more brain power and the luxury of a larger screen, a company-issued laptop is another productivity tool you should invest in for your employees.

Once they have the physical tools that they need to be productive, ensure that they have access to reliable and secure Wi-Fi just as they do when they’re in-office.

Going mobile can be easy. Here are 5 tips to make your mobile workforce a success.6



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