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3 ways an Ethernet Private Network can help secure collaboration




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Long distance relationships aren’t easy.

And when we’re talking about long distance business relationships, it gets doubly complicated when you take cybersecurity into consideration. If you have a business that has multiple locations —whether they’re across town or in a different city altogether—considering an Ethernet Private Network can help your locations stay connected and collaborative, while keeping your information as secure as possible. Here are the top three advantages to using an Ethernet Private Network to connect your business locations.

Teamwork makes the dream work

Collaboration makes everyone’s lives easier. Not only does shared access to files make it so that people can remotely brainstorm, it cuts down on the time it takes for work to get done. And it’s not just about efficiency and productivity. One study showed that workplaces that promoted collaborative work were five times more likely to be considered “high performing” than those that didn’t¹.

Lock it down

Tools that help remote offices collaborate aren’t exclusive to Ethernet Private Networks, of course. Plenty of Internet-based tools exist that meet this need. But they’re not as secure. File sharing over public Internet can increase the risk of shared files being intercepted or infected. An Ethernet Private Network, on the other hand, ensures that files stay within the organization, connected by a private network that can’t be accessed or hacked as easily as a Wi-Fi network.

Take the express lane

Think of an Ethernet Private Network as an express superhighway that only your company has access to. Not only does this mean that you’re less likely to experience lag, but you actually have control over the flow of information. For example, if you want to prioritize bandwidth for office-to-office video conferencing or voice chat, you’re able to ensure these tools have uninterrupted access to guarantee speed and seamlessness.

An Ethernet Private Network is a collaborative tool for multi-location businesses that not only increases productivity, but gives you peace of mind as a business owner. In the end, it takes the sting out of long distance business relationships and gets everyone in the same room… even if they’re cities apart.

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