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3 things your small business shouldn’t share on social media




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When it comes to social media, some things are better left unshared. Whether you’re a law firm, autobody shop or dog walking business, what you don’t post is as important as what you do.

Irrelevant photos and videos

You don’t want to talk shop all the time, but be wary of posting too much content that strays from your business plan. Sure, a follower may get a laugh from a photo of an elephant having a picnic, but it does nothing to promote your tech company. Avoid sharing photos or videos that shift the focus away from what you’re selling.¹

Confrontational comments

Confident, but not boastful—that’s how your social media accounts should sound. Posts that are self-righteous, obnoxious or passive aggressive typically offend customers.² Of course, you would never intentionally portray your brand that way—you’re always mindful to be courteous. However, it’s easy to get worked up if you feel attacked by negative customer feedback. Instead, play it cool and keep any confrontational comments to yourself.

Posts that haven’t been proofread

Dot your i’s and cross your t’s. Few things are as cringe-worthy as grammar, punctuation or spelling mistakes. While autocorrect may be the culprit, you have to take ownership of proofreading your posts. Better yet, work with an experienced proofreader to keep your content buttoned up. Mistakes make your business look unprofessional and can cost you customers.³



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